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Correct spelling: staging

Definition of staging:

  1. A structure of posts and boards for support; the management of, or travelling in, stage coaches.

Common misspellings for staging:

stageing, taging, syaging, s6aging, s5aging, s4aging.


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Examples of usage for staging:

  1. It is half surrounded to- day by a broad high staging upon which groups of mechanics were seen busily at work, as has been the case for so many generations. – Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia by Maturin M. Ballou
  2. A tantalizing mist, drawn as a curtain over the northern sea at midnight, had afforded curious advantages for celestial staging – My Attainment of the Pole by Frederick A. Cook

Quotes for staging:

  1. I enjoyed doing the gag covers better than the story ones because they were usually simpler. A cover based on an incident in the plot took a great deal of staging to tell a little story that was still part of the book. And it had to make sense on its own.
  2. I'd really been interested in opera when I was about 16, and I really like staging them.
  3. I had, early in life, a love for staging, but it is fast dying out. Nine hours over a rough road are enough to root out the most passionate love of that kind.
  4. I always considered myself being an organizer. I'm very good at teaching singers, I'm very good at staging a show, to entertain people. But I never included myself. I never applied this to me as an artist.