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Spell Check of Stephanie

Correct spelling: Stephanie

Common misspellings for Stephanie:

  • stephaine (22%)
  • stephenie (9%)
  • stepahnie (9%)
  • stepanie (8%)
  • stephany (7%)
  • stephine (7%)
  • stephanies (5%)
  • staphanie (3%)
  • stephane (3%)
  • stephani (3%)
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  \s-tepha-nie, st(e)-phanie\

Meaning: crown, garland

Origin: Greek

Stephanie as a girl's name is pronounced STEFF-a-nee. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Stephanie is "crown, garland". Feminine form of Stephen. The name of the first Christian martyr was a favored name choice from the early Christian era. Stephania, a Latin form of the name, was used for girls. The French form Stephanie became popular early in the 20th century. Tennis celebrity Steffi Graff; actresses Stephanie Powers, Stephanie Zimbalist; poet Stevie Smith.

Variants: Stevonne, Fania, Fanya, Phanie, Phanya, Stefa, Stefana, Stefani, Stefania, Stefanie, Stefenney, Stefcia, Steffa, Steffaney, Steffanie, Steffenie, Steffi, Steffie, Stefinney, Stefka, Stefya, Stepa, Stepania, Stepanida, Stepanyda, Stepahnie, Stepfanie, Stepha, Stephaine, Stephana, Stephane, Stephani, Stephania, Stephanina, Stephanine, Stephannie, Stephany, Stephene, Stepheney, Stephine, Stephney, Stephoney, Stesha, Steshka, Stevana, Stevena, Stevie, Stevey, Stevonna.

Examples of usage for Stephanie:

1) They had four children, Andrew H., George B., Stephanie and Madeleine. "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", , Durham, Andrew Everett.

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