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Correct spelling: supplant

Definition of supplant:

  1. To displace by stratagem; to displace and take the place of; to displace; to undermine.

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Examples of usage for supplant:

  1. He would on the present occasion attempt to show that abolition was not worthy to supplant the colonization scheme in the affections of Americans or Britons, or of any other thinking people. –  by
  2. Let him learn to supplant others by dint of superior intelligence and amiability, and to take all possible pains to please those whom he is afterward to use as ladders for his own upward progress. –  by
  3. In reality, it was only a coup d'etat- Prince Napoleon was trying to supplant Prince de Joinville in the affections of the seamen of France. –  by

Rhymes for supplant:

  1. ant, aunt, brandt, brant, cant, chant, grant, kant, pant, plant, rant, scant, can't, lant, quant, tant, trant, stant, fant, gant, plante, zant, gantt, slant;
  2. decant, enchant, implant, levant, pedant, recant, replant, transplant;
  3. disenchant;