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Correct spelling: talking

Definition of talking:

  1. Able to talk; given to talking; loquacious.
  2. The act of conversing familiarly.

Common misspellings for talking:

telking, tralking, takin, toking.


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Quotes for talking:

  1. Now, there are so many movies, so many festivals, and so many awards going on, each judged with each other, like your work is worse than others and that's not fair. How can you tell what's best and what's worst from these awards? We're talking about art.
  2. I am currently talking to one of the studios about making American Star as a TV series.
  3. An actor is a guy who, if you ain't talking about him, he ain't listening.
  4. No, I was talking to the network and Universal about plans for a third season where Buck would go back to Earth and would focus on stories around the planet and show what it was like 500 years later.
  5. I love talking about Scientology.