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Spell Check of unsatisfied

Correct spelling: unsatisfied

Definition of unsatisfied:

  1. not having been satisfied

Common misspellings for unsatisfied:

  • unsatified (27%)
  • unsatisified (19%)
  • unsatisifed (10%)
  • unsatisfyed (7%)
  • unstatisfied (6%)
  • unsattisfied (6%)
  • unssatisfied (5%)
  • unsatisfaid (3%)
  • unsaticfied (3%)
  • unsatisfy (3%)
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Examples of usage for unsatisfied:

  1. It is because, unable to enjoy the present, thou art ever weakly longing for what is absent, that death has come on thee unsatisfied. "The Roman Poets of the Republic" , W. Y. Sellar.
  2. " I thought I heard a kiss," Peckover suggested, still unsatisfied. "A Poached Peerage" , William Magnay.
  3. She made a gesture, as if to say, " I don't know him;" and she was going to withdraw as slowly as possible, with her curiosity unsatisfied, when the gentleman turned around. "In Search of a Son" , William Shepard Walsh.