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Correct spelling: Vitale


Vitale \v(i)-ta-le\

Vitale as a boy's name is a variant of Vito (Latin), and the meaning of Vitale is "life-giving".
Vital, Vitaly.

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Examples of usage for Vitale:

  1. Even at San Vitale the planning is highly complicated, and must be due to an architect of some genius. "The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church" , A. Hamilton Thompson.
  2. The famous mosaic in San Vitale at Ravenna is the best authentic representation of the empress, but a mosaic can give but little idea of the original. "Women of Early Christianity Woman: In all ages and in all countries, Vol. 3 (of 10)" , Alfred Brittain Mitchell Carroll.
  3. Vitale entered with a package. "Aurora the Magnificent" , Gertrude Hall.

Rhymes for Vitale:

  1. al, bal, bally, cal, cally, dal, dally, gal, galley, galli, hal, halle, halley, hally, kal, kral, lal, lally, mally, pal, raley, rally, sal, sallee, salley, sallie, sally, shall, talley, tally, thal, val, vallee, valley, valli, verbally.
  2. alie, alley, alli, allie, cali, calley, canal, chagall, corral, doral, duval, lasalle, locale, morale, pascal, pascale, royale, vidal.
  3. chaparral, coval, finale, mcnally, perceval, rationale, vitaly.
  4. guadalcanal.
  5. internacional.
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