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Correct spelling: walker


Definition of walker:

  1. One who walks; a fuller; a forester; one who deports himself in a particular manner.

Common misspellings for walker:

walke, waler, wlaker, wlker, walket, walkes, alker, walekr.

Walker \wa(l)-ker\

cloth washer or walker
Walker as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Walker), is pronounced WAHL-ker. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Walker is "cloth washer or walker". Occupational name: in the medieval era, workers trod on the wool to cleanse of impurities. Also possibly "wall swamp", referring to the location of a family homestead near a swamp and a city wall. Author Walker Percy; photographer Walker Evans.
Volker, Folker.

Walker \wa(l)-ker\

Walker as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Walker), is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Walker is "cloth-walker". During the English era of wool trade, names such as Fuller, Tailor, and Weaver were used as surnames.
Valkyria, Valkyrie, Walkiria.

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Examples of usage for walker:

  1. Here again he paced to and fro; till I, watching him from the other side of the way, was ready to drop with fatigue, stout walker though I was.
  2. The Professor, who was a great walker and extraordinarily active for his years, came with me part of the way.
  3. His first regular teacher was Walker Murray, with whom he prosecuted the study of Latin.

Quotes for walker:

  1. First, the year 2004, the year past, the Comptroller General of the United States, David A. Walker, said that arguably it was the worst year in American fiscal history, clearly setting our Nation on an unsustainable path. - Jim Cooper
  2. You know you're old if your walker has an airbag. - Phyllis Diller
  3. I played with Sam Lay, Jimmy Reed, Big Walter Horton, Big Moose Walker, and all those guys. - Jimmy Smith
  4. Every time there's a revolution, it comes from somebody reading a book about revolution. David Walker wrote a book and Nat Turner did his thing. - Mike Tyson
  5. T -Bone Walker was a big influence on just about every guitar player around. - Johnny Winter

Rhymes for walker:

  1. hawker, stalker, talker.
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