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Spell Check of Wednesdays

Correct spelling: Wednesdays

Common misspellings for Wednesdays:

wedensday, wensdays.


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Examples of usage for Wednesdays:

  1. I am told that she has absolutely fasted for six Wednesdays and three Fridays successively, having understood that it was a sovereign charm to insure being married to one's liking within the year. – Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists by Washington Irving
  2. Dale had a powerful decently- bred cob to ride; on Wednesdays when he went into Old Manninglea for the Corn Market, he often wore a silk top- hat and always a black coat; and at all times he looked exactly what he was, an alert, industrious, straight- dealing personage who has risen considerably and who intends to rise still higher in the social scale. – The Devil's Garden by W. B. Maxwell
  3. From the time that Pembroke Lodge became ours we used only to keep the children in town from the meeting of Parliament till Easter, and settle the younger ones at Pembroke Lodge, and we ourselves slept there Wednesdays Saturdays, and Sundays with as much regularity as other engagements allowed. – Lady-John-Russell by MacCarthy, Desmond