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Correct spelling: weight


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Examples of usage for weight:

  1. There is no army, apparently, right now that is worth more than its body weight- again, as long as you live.
  2. Local circumstances and wants should have great weight.
  3. She felt, O, so lonely, and such a weight as Louis' secret gave her.

Quotes for weight:

  1. When you're the spokeswoman for a weight -loss program, everything is witnessed. I weigh in once a week with a witness. I have to sign an affidavit saying I cannot have any surgeries. - Kirstie Alley
  2. I ascribe a basic importance to the phenomenon of language. To speak means to be in a position to use a certain syntax, to grasp the morphology of this or that language, but it means above all to assume a culture, to support the weight of a civilization. - Frantz Fanon
  3. A few years ago, I thought, I'll never make it. I started to go to the doctor to help me lose weight. - Etta James
  4. But Italy can only have any real influence on world affairs if it carries weight in Europe. - Romano Prodi
  5. The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight. - A. J. P. Taylor

Idioms for weight:

  1. punch above your weight
  2. a load/ weight off your mind
  3. be worth your/ its weight in gold
  4. have a weight problem
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