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Correct spelling: wrecker


Definition of wrecker:

  1. One who causes wrecks; one who plunders wrecks; one employed in saving what can be saved of a wreck.

Common misspellings for wrecker:

recker, wreaker.

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Examples of usage for wrecker:

  1. He gazed at him, with wide- open mouth, until the wrecker, recovering his self- control by an evident effort, threw himself down on the sand again, picked up his pipe, carefully relit it, and vigorously resumed puffing forth clouds of smoke. "The Wreckers of Sable Island" , J. Macdonald Oxley.
  2. Then, having gazed their fill on the Bavarian throne's wrecker and finding she could not dance, they stayed away; and Lola ended her engagement at the Broadway to the hackneyed " beggarly array of empty benches." "Superwomen" , Albert Payson Terhune.
  3. Already, confused and blinded Darzent ships were drifting in space, with Onzar wrecker tugs swarming in on them. "Evil Out of Onzar" , Mark Ganes.

Rhymes for wrecker:

  1. becher, becker.
  2. checker, decker, dekker, necker, secor.
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