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Spell Check of biscuit

Correct spelling: biscuit


Definition of biscuit:

  1. Bread baked hard to keep; a kind of unglazed earthen ware.

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This graph shows how "biscuit" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for biscuit:

  1. I was a man in my time who had plenty of the gold, plenty of the silver, plenty of the clothes, plenty of the butter, the beer, beef, and biscuit.
  2. If that doesn't about take the biscuit!
  3. Those who live on shore at ease can't say we enjoy too much of the pleasures of home, or don't earn the Queen's biscuit.

Rhymes for biscuit:

  1. brisket.

Idioms for biscuit:

  1. ( really) take the cake, at ( really) take the biscuit
  2. ( really) take the biscuit
  3. son of a sea biscuit
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