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Spell Check of bowling

Correct spelling: bowling

Definition of bowling:

  1. a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over
  2. the playing of a game of tenpins or duckpins etc
  3. ( cricket) the act of delivering a cricket ball to the batsman
  4. The act of playing at or rolling bowls, or of rolling the ball at cricket; the game of bowls or of tenpins.

Common misspellings for bowling:

  • bolwing (30%)
  • bowiling (23%)
  • bolling (16%)
  • boweling (14%)
  • bowlling (5%)
  • bowlilng (5%)
  • bowlin (2%)
  • bouling (2%)
  • blwoing (2%)
Misspellings percentages are collected from over 15,411,110 spell check sessions on www.spellchecker.net from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

Examples of usage for bowling:

  1. The ground may be flat as a bowling- green, and yet, owing to some great fault, the rocks underneath one end of the flat may be geologically many hundred feet, or even yards, higher or lower than the strata underneath the other end of the same level space. "Geology" , James Geikie.
  2. It was presently seen bowling away down the avenue. "Girls of the Forest" , L. T. Meade.
  3. Once when Melville Stone was asked what was his dearest wish at that instant, he replied, " to beat Field and Thompson bowling." "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions" , Slason Thompson.