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Spell Check of camaraderie

Correct spelling: camaraderie

Definition of camaraderie:

  1. the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability
  2. Comradeship and loyalty.

Common misspellings for camaraderie:

  • comraderie (26%)
  • comaraderie (12%)
  • camraderie (10%)
  • cameraderie (8%)
  • commraderie (7%)
  • comeraderie (5%)
  • commeraderie (5%)
  • commaraderie (3%)
  • camaradarie (3%)
  • comaradarie (2%)
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Examples of usage for camaraderie:

  1. Indeed, he now and then admitted that she would probably look for more from the man who won her favour than there was in him, but the camaraderie- he could think of no better word for it- that had existed between them had been very pleasant to him. "The Greater Power" , Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.
  2. Indeed, she was conscious of a pleasant sense of camaraderie, which seemed the best name for it, though she had hired him to drive her to Mrs. Hunter's and was very uncertain as to whether she could pay him. "A Prairie Courtship" , Harold Bindloss.