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Correct spelling: corolla


Definition of corolla:

  1. The inner of the two envelopes of a flower with double perianth.
  2. The inner covering of a flower, composed of one or more petals.

Common misspellings for corolla:

corola, corrola, yoholla, corollq, corollate, corrolla, carolla.

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Examples of usage for corolla:

  1. I had already discovered that the sounds of nasal singing I had heard came from the metal corolla of a gramophone. "The Debit Account" , Oliver Onions.
  2. The convolvulus has a funnel- shaped corolla. "The Royal Guide to Wax Flower Modelling" , Emma Peachey.

Rhymes for corolla:

  1. alla, allah, bala, cala, cholla, kuala, lala, mala, sala, scala, skala, vala.
  2. ayala, cicala, fiala, hezbollah, impala, kabbalah, kampala, kerala, koala, magdala, marsala, natala, neola, nuala, oglala, ramallah, ruhollah.
  3. guatemala.
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