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Spell Check of could

Correct spelling: could


Definition of could:

  1. The past tense of can.

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This graph shows how "could" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for could:

  1. It never could be- never, never. "The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols" , William Black.
  2. But who could he be? "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists" , Washington Irving.
  3. " So could I," replied Tassara. "Ahead of the Army" , W. O. Stoddard.

Quotes for could:

  1. I had such a great mom and I know that I'd never be that mom. I wouldn't want to bring a child into this world unless I could be. - Lara Flynn Boyle
  2. This film cost $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country. - Clint Eastwood
  3. Only a monopolist could study a business and ruin it by giving away products. - Scott McNealy
  4. What I'm suggesting to you is that this could be a renaissance. We may be on the cusp of a future which could provide a tremendous leap forward for humanity. - Jeremy Rifkin
  5. Everything from the little house was in the wagon, except the beds and tables and chairs. They did not need to take these, because Pa could always make new ones. - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Idioms for could:

  1. sb could do sth with one arm/ hand tied behind their back
  2. Could I have call you?
  3. How could you?
  4. Could I come in?
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