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Spell Check of daniel

Correct spelling: daniel

Definition of daniel:

  1. ( Old Testament) a youth who was taken into the court of Nebuchadnezzar and given divine protection when thrown into a den of lions ( 6th century BC)
  2. a wise and upright judge; " a Daniel come to judgment" -- Shakespeare
  3. an Old Testament book that tells of the apocalyptic visions and the experiences of Daniel in the court of Nebuchadnezzar

Common misspellings for daniel:

  • daneil (23%)
  • danial (19%)
  • danile (17%)
  • dainel (13%)
  • danie (3%)
  • danel (3%)
  • danniel (3%)
  • danieal (2%)
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Daniel \d(a)-niel\

God is my judge
Daniel as a boy's name is pronounced DAN-yel. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Daniel is "God is my judge". Biblical: the prophet and writer of the book of Daniel was a teenager when he was taken to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 BC. He survived a politically motivated death sentence in a lions' den. Many prominent men have had the name since, among them statesman Daniel Webster and frontiersman Daniel Boone. Danilo is a Spanish form; Dantrell is a contemporary blended variant. Novelist Daniel Defoe; entertainers Danny Thomas, Danny Kaye; Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan; actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Danny DeVito, Danny Aiello, Daniel Radcliffe.
Related names:
Thaniel, Donnel.
Deiniol, Dan, Danal, Dane, Daneal, Danek, Danell, Dani, Danial, Daniele, Danil, Danilo, Danko, Dannel, Dannie, Danny, Dantrell, Danya, Danyal, Danyel.

Examples of usage for daniel:

  1. Let him take you to your Uncle Daniel. "The Crisis, Volume 6" , Winston Churchill.
  2. Some have long rifles of Daniel Boone's time, not fired for thirty years. "The Crisis, Volume 6" , Winston Churchill.