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Spell Check of Diane

Correct spelling: Diane


Common misspellings for Diane:

  • daine (33%)
  • dian (24%)
  • diann (11%)
  • spoc (7%)
  • dianer (7%)
  • ddiane (4%)
  • diance (4%)
  • diannes (2%)
  • dianes (2%)
  • dianel (2%)
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Diane \di(a)-ne\

Diane as a girl's name is a variant of Diana (Latin), and the meaning of Diane is "divine". See also Dionne.
Duane, Dane, Deane, Dyane, Dianne, Diann, Dian, Dione.

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This graph shows how "Diane" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Diane:

  1. Diane de Poictiers and Ninon de l'Enclos were wildly adored at sixty. "Superwomen" , Albert Payson Terhune.
  2. But, like Ninon de Lenclos and Diane de Poictiers and other of the world's true super- women, age had no power to mar her. "Superwomen" , Albert Payson Terhune.

Quotes for Diane:

  1. So I decided to form a production company with my wife and our partner Diane. - Ray Liotta
  2. We always reminisce about how everyone tried to get Diane Lane's attention, to very little success. - Rob Lowe
  3. Giving a camera to Diane Arbus is like putting a live grenade in the hands of a child. - Norman Mailer
  4. The key to sitcom success is miserable people. If you see a happy couple, it's just gone, like when Sam and Diane got together on Cheers. - Matthew Perry
  5. My poems are almost all written as Diane. I don't have any problems with that, and if other women choose to identify with this, I think that's terrific. - Diane Wakoski

Rhymes for Diane:

  1. ahn, an, ann, anne, ban, blan, bran, brann, caen, cahn, can, cann, cannes, chan, clan, dan, dann, duan, fan, flan, flann, fran, gan, gann, gran, han, jaan, jan, jann, kan, klan, lan, lann, mahn, man, mann, nan, pan, phan, plan, pran, ran, rann, san, scan, shan, span, spokane, stan, tan, tann, than, thanh, tran, van, vann, whan, yan.
  2. ariane, gloriane, harmattan, kazakhstan, kellyanne, liliane, marianne, maryann, maryanne, mcmahon, minivan, overran, soloman.
  3. beagan, beavan, began, bhutan, cezanne, chapin, chauvin, cheyenne, cspan, cyan, diahann, dianne, divan, doran, duran, dyan, dyane, gauvain, georgann, iran, japan, joann, joanne, jourdan, lausanne, leann, liane, lianne, louanne, macmahon, mccann, moran, outman, pecan, rattan, rodin, rosanne, roseanne, roxanne, ruthann, saran, sedan, sudan, susann, susanne, suzanne, toussaint.
  4. catamaran.
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