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Correct spelling: embellishment


Definition of embellishment:

  1. The act of embellishing or the state of being embellished; anything that adds beauty or elegance.

Common misspellings for embellishment:

embelishment, embleshishment, embelishmint, emblishment.

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Examples of usage for embellishment:

  1. It is thus a treasury of useful learning, and will prove valuable in suggesting thoughts, or in supplying quotations for the illustration of ideas, or the embellishment of style." "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia" , Maturin M. Ballou.

Quotes for embellishment:

  1. And, moreover, it is art in its most general and comprehensive form that is here discussed, for the dialogue embraces everything connected with it, from its greatest object, the state, to its least, the embellishment of sensuous existence. - Friedrich Schleiermacher
  2. Usually I can hear the pianos, the saxophone, and usually I can hear Ronnie. But I really need to listen to Keith and Mick. The rest of the band is sort of an embellishment to that. - Charlie Watts
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