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Correct spelling: Escorted


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Examples of usage for Escorted:

  1. Dolph was escorted on his way by the doctor and Peter de Groodt, who had agreed to accompany him to the house, and to see him safe lodged. "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists" , Washington Irving.
  2. It was headed " 'The Squire's Daughter' in Wednesday Night's Fog," and gave a minute and somewhat highly colored account of Miss Burgoyne's experiences on the night in question; while the fact of her having been escorted by Mr. Lionel Moore was pointed to as another instance of the way in which professional people were always ready to help one another. "Prince Fortunatus" , William Black.
  3. The Mexican woman announced that the bedroom was ready and MacQueen escorted Melissy to the door of the room. "Brand Blotters" , William MacLeod Raine.

Quotes for Escorted:

  1. One or two of the trips were a bit scary. Soldiers had me at gun point on one trip, locked me in my van all night and escorted me in and out of buildings when I wanted to wash. - Joey Dunlop
  2. One of the chiefs of this nation, with his young men, escorted us to the Lake of the Illinois. - Jacques Marquette
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