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Correct spelling: feasible


Definition of feasible:

  1. Practicable.
  2. That which is practicable.

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Examples of usage for feasible:

  1. The foregoing process indicates to the commander the courses of action which may properly be retained as suitable, as feasible, and as acceptable. "Sound Military Decision" , U.s. Naval War College.
  2. A feasible operation may similarly be rejected or deferred out of preference for another which can more readily be accomplished. "Sound Military Decision" , U.s. Naval War College.
  3. Although believed to be both suitable and feasible, the requirements for the attainment of an end are not yet completely established. "Sound Military Decision" , U.s. Naval War College.

Quotes for feasible:

  1. Now we are showing to the world that this fighting against two terrorist groups was feasible and now we have an isolated case which doesn't mean that terrorism is alive, as it was before. - Alberto Fujimori
  2. The reclamation scheme is both feasible and desirable. - James Gadsden
  3. It is very important for people to understand that the United States of America and no country around the world can devalue its way to prosperity, to be competitive. It is not a viable, feasible strategy, and we will not engage in it. - Timothy Geithner
  4. It looks as though yields of over 10 times what we can currently grow per acre are feasible if you control the CO2 concentration, the humidity, the temperature, all the various factors that plants depend on to grow rapidly. - Ralph Merkle
  5. A Yale University management professor in response to student Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service: The concept is interesting and well -formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C', the idea must be feasible. - Frederick W. Smith

Rhymes for feasible:

  1. infeasible, unfeasible.
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