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This graph shows how "finance" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for finance:

  1. Then his tremendous business interests-" " Anita, at the moment of your father's death he was far from being the King of Finance, which the world judged him to be. "The Crevice" , William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander.
  2. Telegrams poured in from the highest representatives of State, clergy and finance. "The Crevice" , William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander.
  3. He had intended, with all the enthusiasm of youthful vanity, to display the triumph of his understanding of the modern methods of dealing with the affairs of finance. "The Son of his Father" , Ridgwell Cullum.

Quotes for finance:

  1. The art and culture that is New York, communications, finance, all these things help make up New York. The rest of the country should be happy that we are what we are. - David Dinkins
  2. These heroes of finance are like beads on a string; when one slips off, all the rest follow. - Henrik Ibsen
  3. It is a sound principle of finance, and a still sounder principle of government, that those who have the duty of expending the revenue of a country should also be saddled with the responsibility of levying and providing it. - Wilfrid Laurier
  4. You only need to make one big score in finance to be a hero forever. - Merton Miller
  5. In constant pursuit of money to finance campaigns, the political system is simply unable to function. Its deliberative powers are paralyzed. - John Rawls
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