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Spell Check of Galvanized

Correct spelling: Galvanized


Common misspellings for Galvanized:

  • galvanised (50%)
  • galvinized (21%)
  • galvenized (9%)
  • galvanzed (3%)
  • glavinized (3%)
  • galvenised (3%)
  • galvanzied (3%)
  • galvonized (3%)
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Google Ngram Viewer results for Galvanized:

This graph shows how "Galvanized" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Galvanized:

  1. One night a week or two after he called on Mrs. Calvert, he strolled out on to the platform of a train that had been run on to a lonely side- track beside a galvanized iron shed and a big water- tank. "A Prairie Courtship" , Harold Bindloss.
  2. A cluster of tents and a galvanized iron shack, with a funnel projecting above it, crowned the crest of a neighboring ridge, and a murmur of voices and laughter rose faintly from the groups of men who lay about them. "A Prairie Courtship" , Harold Bindloss.
  3. From his sprawling position on the floor, amid his recumbent officers, Iversen could hear the hum of motors galvanized into life. "Once a Greech" , Evelyn E. Smith.
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