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Correct spelling: grape


Definition of grape:

  1. The fruit of Vitis vinifera.
  2. Mangy tumours on the leg of a horse.
  3. The fruit of the vine; grape- shot.

Common misspellings for grape:

ghrap, graped, greap, grap, grabe, grapey, graoe, grpe.

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This graph shows how "grape" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for grape:

  1. I would say 95% of the time, because you just can't remember your lines if you're drinking alcohol. I would say about 95% of the time it was grape juice or this fake wine, which was horrible. - Thomas Haden Church
  2. If there are occasions when my grape turned into a raisin and my joy bell lost its resonance, please forgive me. Charge it to my head and not to my heart. - Jesse Jackson
  3. I say 20 words in English. I say money, money, money, and I say hot dog! I say yes, no and I say money, money, money and I say turkey sandwich and I say grape juice. - Carmen Miranda
  4. I believe that the responsibility of the winemaker is to take that fruit and get it into the bottle as the most natural and purest expression of that vineyard, of the grape varietal or blend, and of the vintage. - Robert M. Parker, Jr.
  5. I bruise like a grape. - Mo Rocca

Rhymes for grape:

  1. agape, escape, reshape.
  2. ape, cape, crepe, drape, gape, pape, scape, scrape, shape, slape, snape, swape, tape.
  3. videotape.

Idioms for grape:

  1. belt the grape
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