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Spell Check of Hurries

Correct spelling: Hurries

Definition of Hurries:

  1. A staith or framework from which coal is discharged from cars into vessels.

Common misspellings for Hurries:

  • hurrys (100%)
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Examples of usage for Hurries:

  1. Again the narwhal plunges deep down, with but one breath, and hurries along as best it can. "My Attainment of the Pole" , Frederick A. Cook.
  2. " It is my business to be at the station when the train arrives, to look for passengers," the man continues as he hurries on with the light; " but it seemed like a waste of time to go down there, for nobody ever comes; so I thought I'd spend the time with Tug." "The Mystery of the Locks" , Edgar Watson Howe.