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Spell Check of irreparable

Correct spelling: irreparable

Definition of irreparable:

impossible to repair, rectify, or amend; " irreparable harm"; " an irreparable mistake"; " irreparable damages"

Common misspellings for irreparable:

  • irrepairable (32%)
  • irreperable (18%)
  • unrepairable (15%)
  • irreprable (10%)
  • irepairable (6%)
  • irrepreable (3%)
  • irrepairible (3%)
  • ireparable (2%)
  • irreparrable (2%)
  • unreparable (2%)
Misspellings percentages are collected from over 15,411,110 spell check sessions on www.spellchecker.net from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

Examples of usage for irreparable:

1) Marriage wasn’ t the irreparable thing which their family traditions assumed it to be.

2) The feeling, embraced by each of them with the most profound sincerity, was that Ranny's bereavement was irreparable, supreme.

3) From this, you will judge the irreparable stain upon your reputation if you again force me to drive you away.

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