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Spell Check of jasper

Correct spelling: jasper

Definition of jasper:

  1. an opaque form of quartz; red or yellow or brown or dark green in color; used for ornamentation or as a gemstone

Common misspellings for jasper:

  • japser (47%)
  • jaspar (12%)
  • jeasper (12%)
  • jesper (12%)
  • jaser (12%)
  • aspergilli (6%)
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Jasper \j(a)-sper, jas-per\

Jasper as a boy's name is pronounced JAS-per. It is of Greek origin. Variant of Caspar or Gaspar. Also possibly (Persian) "treasure holder". Jasper is also a semiprecious gemstone, harder than glass, and red or reddish brown. Biblical: the jasper mentioned in the Book of Revelation actually may refer to a diamond. Painter Jasper Johns.
Related names:
Osbert, Esbern.
Jesper, Gaspar, Gasper, Jaspar.

Examples of usage for jasper:

  1. " Their heavenly rapture has no bounds Beside that jasper sea; It is a joy unknown to Lowndes," Says Dibdin's ghost to me. "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions" , Slason Thompson.