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This graph shows how "letter" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for letter:

  1. But when you feel that you can go in, come to me or write me a letter. "The Crisis, Volume 6" , Winston Churchill.
  2. She would write him a letter and take it at once to his house. "Night and Day" , Virginia Woolf.
  3. He had my letter? "The Shepherd of the North" , Richard Aumerle Maher.

Quotes for letter:

  1. His letter was like the shock produced by a cold bath. - Duff Green
  2. You glance at an e -mail. You give more attention to a real letter. - Judith Martin
  3. In the first debate the bulges create the impression of a letter T with a small feature which appears similar to a wire under the jacket running upward from the right. - Robert Nelson
  4. Journalism's ultimate purpose is to inform the reader, to bring him each day a letter from home and never to permit the serving of special interests. - Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
  5. For in every particular of the Word there is an internal sense which treats of things spiritual and heavenly, not of things natural and worldly, such as are treated of in the sense of the letter. - Emanuel Swedenborg

Rhymes for letter:

  1. ator, better, bettor, debtor, fetter, fretter, getter, jetter, netter, petre, petter, setter, sweater, wetter.

Idioms for letter:

  1. a dead letter
  2. a Dear John letter
  3. a French letter
  4. the letter of the law
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