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Correct spelling: neigh


Definition of neigh:

  1. The cry of a horse.
  2. The cry of a horse; a whinnying.
  3. To utter the cry of a horse; to whinny.

Common misspellings for neigh:

niegh, nabourhood.

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Examples of usage for neigh:

  1. But the daylight had banished fear from their hearts, so they greeted Stas with a short, friendly neigh. "In Desert and Wilderness" , Henryk Sienkiewicz.
  2. He had turned his head and seen what was wrong as Richard Linnell loosed his hold of the pony's head, letting it swim on, though the frightened beast uttered a snorting neigh and tried to follow him, till its attention was taken up by the soothing words of Dick Miggles, and it struck out afresh for the shore. "The Master of the Ceremonies" , George Manville Fenn.
  3. Hubert, on hearing his master in such a merry mood, uttered a responsive neigh. "The White Gauntlet" , Mayne Reid.

Quotes for neigh:

  1. When I appear in public people expect me to neigh, grind my teeth, paw the ground and swish my tail- none of which is easy. - Princess Anne

Rhymes for neigh:

  1. aaa, attache, bouvier, bta, bua, cabaret, cabernet, cea, chevrolet, dak, disarray, disobey, ekk, faberge, fiance, intraday, ira, ita, jna, lyonnais, monterey, monterrey, overplay, overstay, perrier, piaget, underplay, underway, uva.
  2. abbe, allay, array, asay, astray, away, b-j, ballet, beauvais, belay, beret, betray, bombay, bouquet, buffet, cache, cafe, calais, carre, cathay, chalet, cliche, convey, crochet, croquet, da, decay, defray, delay, delray, dismay, display, dk, dossier, ek, essay, filet, fillet, ga, gervais, ha, halfway, hervey, hooray, hurray, jose, levey, mackay, macrae, manet, mccrea, mckay, mcveigh, millay, monet, moray, nikkei, nisei, o'shea, obey, oj, okay, olay, ole, orsay, parquet, passe, portray, prepay, puree, purvey, rene, renee, repay, replay, risque, saute, sergei, soiree, sorbet, souffle, survey, today, toupee, valet.
  3. ae, ay, bay, bey, blay, brae, bray, brey, ca, cay, che, clay, cray, dae, day, daye, de, dey, dray, drey, fay, faye, fe, fey, flay, fray, frey, gaye, gray, graye, grey, gway, hay, haye, hey, hwe, j, jae, jay, jaye, k, kay, kaye, khe, klay, lait, lay, lei, ley, mae, may, maye, mei, mey, nay, ne, nej, ney, pay, paye, pei, play, pray, prey, quai, quay, rae, ray, raye, re, rey, say, saye, se, shay, shea, slay, sleigh, spray, sta, stay, stray, sway, sze, tae, tay, they, tray, trey, vey, way, waye, wei, weigh, wey, whey, wray, wy, yay, yea.
  4. asea, cabriolet, ceta, communique, foia, hiaa, naivete, noaa.
  5. waga.
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