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Spell Check of outbound

Correct spelling: outbound


Common misspellings for outbound:

outboud, oubound, outbounds, outbond, outboudn, outband.

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This graph shows how "outbound" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for outbound:

  1. Outbound from Triton City for Mars. "World Beyond Pluto" , C. H. Thames.
  2. A typical outbound cargo in this trade was that of the " Atakualpa" in 1800. The vessel was of 218 tons, mounted eight guns, and was freighted with broadcloth, flannel, blankets, powder, muskets, watches, tools, beads, and looking- glasses. "American Merchant Ships and Sailors" , Willis J. Abbot.
  3. For weeks he may catch only small ships, or, the worst ill- luck that can befall a pilot, he may get caught on an outbound ship and be carried away for a six weeks' voyage, during which time he can earn nothing. "American Merchant Ships and Sailors" , Willis J. Abbot.

Quotes for outbound:

  1. Terrorists can utilize any vulnerability in the system and that would include outbound shipments. - Asa Hutchinson
  2. We recognize that it is not only inbound but also outbound( cargo) that can pose a risk as well. - Asa Hutchinson
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