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Correct spelling: portfolio


Definition of portfolio:

  1. A portable case of the size of a large book for keeping papers, drawings, & c, in; a collection of papers connected with a state department; the minister of the department.

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Examples of usage for portfolio:

  1. Walter Savage Landor conceived a great fondness for her, gave her lessons in Latin, and left her at his death a valuable portfolio of old drawings.
  2. Puzzled, he turned to Lydia for an explanation, while Alice seized the sketch and packed it in her portfolio.
  3. She had rested her portfolio against his shoulder while she wrote down the most striking portions of the address- for her scrap- book.

Quotes for portfolio:

  1. I'm a kibitzer with a broad portfolio. - David Axelrod
  2. First, I was Bavarian State Minister of Justice, and after the ministries of justice in the various states were dissolved I became Reich Minister without portfolio. - Hans Frank
  3. There could be no better time to fully integrate Infinity with Viacom's tremendous portfolio of assets. Infinity is performing at record levels and continues to generate a tremendous amount of free cash flow that will now fully benefit Viacom. - Mel Karmazin
  4. As an economics undergraduate, I also worked on a part -time basis in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a company that was advising customers about portfolio decisions, writing reports. - Merton Miller
  5. There is a wide range of opportunities for us and we see a main part of our strategy as being a company that supplies products across a range of different end applications and indeed we have quite a wide product portfolio which we enhance each year. - David Milne

Rhymes for portfolio:

  1. oleo, polio.
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