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Correct spelling: reason


Reason \re(a)-son\

Reason as a boy's name.
Rawson, Rozen.

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Examples of usage for reason:

  1. To reason is to examine by means of the reason, to prove by reasoning, or to influence or seek to influence others by reasoning or reasons. Persons may contend either from mere ill will or self- interest, or from the highest motives; " That ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints," Jude 3. To argue ( L. arguo, show) is to make a matter clear by reasoning; to discuss ( L. dis, apart, and quatio, shake) is, etymologically, to shake it apart for examination and analysis. Demonstrate strictly applies to mathematical or exact reasoning; prove may be used in the same sense, but is often applied to reasoning upon matters of fact by what is called probable evidence, which can give only moral and not absolute or mathematical certainty. To demonstrate is to force the mind to a conclusion by irresistible reasoning; to prove is rather to establish a fact by evidence; as, to prove one innocent or guilty. That which has been either demonstrated or proved so as to secure general acceptance is said to be established. Reason is a neutral word, not, like argue, debate, discuss, etc., naturally or necessarily implying contest. We reason about a matter by bringing up all that reason can give us on any side. A dispute may be personal, fractious, and petty; a debate is formal and orderly; if otherwise, it becomes a mere wrangle.
  2. She had come to Bitumen with her father for the same reason that had brought Mr. Hobart.
  3. There must have been a reason for it.

Quotes for reason:

  1. Such a faith would be fatal to my reason, to my liberty, and even to the success of my undertakings; it would immediately transform me into a stupid slave, an instrument of the will and interests of others. - Mikhail Bakunin
  2. For this reason, it is essential that our Nation's rural transportation professionals be provided with the necessary tools and support to promote and showcase the value, benefits, and accomplishments of rural transportation planning and development. - Christopher Bond
  3. The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy. - Sam Levenson
  4. The reason kids like rock 'n roll is their parents don't. - Mitch Miller
  5. I recorded harp first or singing first. I recorded it all together. Part of the reason is that I don't know how to play the songs without also singing. I forget how they progress. I don't think that any of them are verse, chorus, verse, and so on. They are not simple. - Joanna Newsom

Rhymes for reason:

  1. season, treason.

Idioms for reason:

  1. no rhyme or reason
  2. stand to reason
  3. all the more reason for ( doing sth)
  4. It ( only) stands to reason.
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