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Correct spelling: secretary


Definition of secretary:

  1. A person employed by a public body, a company, or an individual to write orders, letters, despatches, & c.; one who conducts the affairs of a public company or a particular department of Government.

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Examples of usage for secretary:

  1. Will you be secretary, Miss Cresswell, and jot down our plan?
  2. The first Secretary of the Society was Richard L.
  3. The secretary and the superintendent of the R.

Quotes for secretary:

  1. My job now, as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, is to take this process forward, and that I'm determined to do, whatever old clippings you dig out and whatever old quotes you put before me. - Peter Hain
  2. It is not for the State Department or even the Secretary of State to say when and how the resources of the American people will be spent. - Mike Pence
  3. Rock Hudson let his gay agent marry him off to his secretary because he didn't want people to get the right idea. - Anthony Perkins
  4. Their educations ended with high school- my father going to work as a clerk and then salesman in a company dealing in printing and stationary, and my mother working as a secretary and then bookkeeper in a firm of wool merchants. - Martin Lewis Perl
  5. Give a member of Congress a junket and a mimeograph machine and he thinks he is secretary of state. - David Dean Rusk

Rhymes for secretary:

  1. undersecretary.
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