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Correct spelling: Slaves


Common misspellings for Slaves:

sleave, slves, slaveries, alves, slavees, claves, sleves, slvaes, sleaves, slaces.

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Examples of usage for Slaves:

  1. What have ye done, slaves!
  2. At that time there were only three hundred thousand slaves in the Union; now there were two millions and a half.
  3. They were ready to fight with a prospect of success, but they had no desire to be made slaves, or to lose their lives in a hopeless cause, they answered.

Quotes for Slaves:

  1. Marriage, n: the state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all, two. - Ambrose Bierce
  2. Then it was that the exports of slaves from Virginia and the Carolinas was so great that the population of those States remained almost, if not quite stationary. - Henry Charles Carey
  3. The genius of any slave system is found in the dynamics which isolate slaves from each other, obscure the reality of a common condition, and make united rebellion against the oppressor inconceivable. - Andrea Dworkin
  4. But I do not admit the comparison between your slaves and even the lowest class of European free labourers, for the former are allowed the exercise of no faculties but those which they enjoy in common with the brutes that perish. - Fanny Kemble
  5. I have always believed, heretofore, in the doctrines of the Declaration of Independence, that all men are born free and equal; but of late it appears that some men are born slaves, and I regret that they are not black, so all the world might know them. - Benjamin F. Wade

Rhymes for Slaves:

  1. behaves.
  2. braves, caves, craves, daves, graves, knaves, maves, paves, raves, saves, shaves, staves, waives, waves.
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