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Spell Check of Stamens

Correct spelling: Stamens


Common misspellings for Stamens:

statments, staments, stament.

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Examples of usage for Stamens:

  1. Their great bowls were full of water, and inside among the yellow stamens gold fish went darting to and fro. "Moonshine & Clover" , Laurence Housman.
  2. At dusk, when the lilies began to close their globes around the gold fish and the yellow stamens, he went back to the palace, and before long to bed, and slept. "Moonshine & Clover" , Laurence Housman.
  3. One cape was a garden of flame- coloured carnations, another was a bed of roses and other fantastic flowers with twisted stamens and metallic petals. "The Shadow of the Cathedral" , Vicente Blasco Ibañez.
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