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Correct spelling: transmit


Definition of transmit:

  1. Transmission.
  2. Transmissible.
  3. To send from one person or place to another; to suffer to pass through.

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Examples of usage for transmit:

  1. When the time came for their departure, it was possible to transmit orders throughout all their tribes, and they came out of Egypt by their armies, which would have been utterly impossible a few months before. "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus" , G. A. Chadwick.
  2. It is difficult to transmit information these days. "The Foreign Hand Tie" , Gordon Randall Garrett.

Quotes for transmit:

  1. I see plainly how external images influence the image that I call my body: they transmit movement to it. - Henri Bergson
  2. Genes that underlie the capacity to receive, use and transmit information are the evolving properties. - Peter R. Grant
  3. Males transmit signals in courtship through behavioral displays. - Peter R. Grant
  4. My first attempts to transmit typhus to laboratory animals, including the smaller species of monkeys, had failed, as had those of my predecessors, for reasons which I can easily supply today. - Charles Jules Henry Nicole
  5. Not to transmit an experience is to betray it. - Elie Wiesel

Rhymes for transmit:

  1. acquit, admit, befit, commit, dewitt, emit, gillett, lafitte, legit, omit, permit, prewitt, refit, remit, submit, unfit.
  2. bit, brit, britt, chit, fit, fitt, flit, get, grit, hit, hitt, it, kit, kitt, knit, lit, litt, mit, mitt, nit, pit, pitt, plitt, quit, ritt, schmidt, schmitt, sit, skit, slit, smit, spit, split, splitt, vitt, whit, wit, witt, writ.
  3. readmit, recommit, resubmit.

Idioms for transmit:

  1. transmit sth to sm or sth
  2. transmit sth ( from sm place) ( to sm place)
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