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How To Spell howl?

Correct spelling: howl

Definition of howl:

  1. a loud sustained noise resembling the cry of a hound; "the howl of the wind made him restless"

List of misspellings for howl:

  • hosile,
  • html5,
  • hooly,
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  • holld,
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What does the abbreviation howl mean?

Related words for howl

Howl Baby Howl

Musical group

Howl Griff


Rock band

Howl Griff, formed in Wales in 2006, is a five-piece psychedelic rock band currently signed to the Dockrad label. The band contains members from Aberystwyth, Bolton, Merseyside and Texas but all currently live in London.

Lupine Howl


Rock band

Lupine Howl were a rock band formed in Bristol, England in 1999, by Sean Cook, Mike Mooney and Damon Reece. The three had been dismissed from their respective roles in Spiritualized by that band's frontman, Jason Pierce.

Thirstin Howl III


American rapper

Victor DeJesus, better known by his stage name Thirstin Howl III, is an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur from Brownsville, Brooklyn. He owns and operates his own label Skillionaire Enterprises and his Skillusions Films imprint. He is of Puerto Rican descent and raps in both Spanish & English languages. In 1997 Thirstin' Howl The 3rd won the Source's Unsigned Hype award.

Whiskey Howl



Whiskey Howl was a Toronto-based Canadian blues band, most popular between 1969 and 1972. The band is notable as being one of the early Canadian bands promoting and developing blues music in Canada.

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This graph shows how "howl" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for howl:

  1. With a howl he went down on his knees, with another he begged for mercy, and it was a third howl of a very different character which made the duke and the other men turn to the window, at which some one stood rattling. – A Poached Peerage by William Magnay

Quotes for howl:

  1. Oh, love will make a dog howl in rhyme.
  2. I long for the raised voice, the howl of rage or love.
  3. Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.
  4. If the people raise a great howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war, and not popularity seeking.
  5. The devil doesn't know how to sing, only how to howl.

Rhymes for howl:

  1. jowl, owl, prowl, scowl, raul, growl, fowl, cowl, towel, foul;
  2. befoul, afoul;

Translations for howl:

Afrikaans word for Howl


Arabic word for Howl


Bengali word for Howl


Chinese words for Howl

嚎, 狂吠, 啼声, 嗥叫, 吼叫, 嚎叫.

Dutch words for Howl

joelen, janken, jammeren, krijsen.

French words for Howl

pleurer, mugir, brailler, hurler, gémir.

German words for Howl

Balken, Jaulen, schreien, brüllen, Gieren, Heulen, aufheulen, flennen, winseln, Geheule, Geheul.

Greek word for Howl


Hindi word for Howl


Italian word for Howl


Japanese words for Howl

吠え声, 哮り立つ, たけり立つ, 遠吠えする.

Javanese word for Howl


Malay word for Howl


Norwegian word for Howl


Polish word for Howl


Portuguese word for Howl


Romanian word for Howl

a urla.

Russian word for Howl


Spanish words for Howl

gritar, bramido, bramar, gemido, aullido, aullar, ulular, chillar, berrear, alarido.

Swedish word for Howl


Tamil word for Howl


Turkish word for Howl


Ukrainian word for Howl


Vietnamese word for Howl