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Correct spelling: hue


Definition of hue:

  1. Colour; tint; dye.
  2. Shouting. A hue and cry, the pursuit of a felon or offender.

Hue \hue\

Hue as a boy's name.
Huey, Huw.

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Examples of usage for hue:

  1. The children, at the age of three months, take a singular hue from the sun and the soil, which continues for life. "An History of Birmingham (1783)" , William Hutton.
  2. The grass, owing to the heat of the weather, was rather yellow than green, but we knew that a few showers would soon change its hue. "Adventures in Australia" , W.H.G. Kingston.
  3. All that dusty gray hue of the earth had vanished, and it was wet and green and bright. "The Desert of Wheat" , Zane Grey.

Quotes for hue:

  1. One day I caught four Dolphins, how much I have gazed at these beautiful creatures... as they changed their hue in twenty varieties of richest arrangement of tints. - John James Audubon
  2. A man's character always takes its hue, more or less, from the form and color of things about him. - Frederick Douglass
  3. Blue thou art, intensely blue; Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue? - James Montgomery
  4. In a movie, you're raw material, just a hue of some color and the director makes the painting. - Viggo Mortensen
  5. When you say that you are a race man, it means that you embrace the entire black community regardless of the hue, whether somebody is very light and could pass for possibly white or someone is very dark. - Ed Smith

Rhymes for hue:

  1. abou, accrue, adieu, ado, ague, anew, askew, babu, baku, bamboo, c2, canoe, cat-2, cebu, construe, debut, ensue, eschew, fitzhugh, fondue, imbue, into, kazoo, kwangju, larue, leroux, liou, m2, mchugh, miscue, outdo, outgrew, perdue, peru, purdue, pursue, ragu, redo, renew, reto, review, revue, shampoo, subdue, taboo, tattoo, tatu, undo, undue, unglue, untrue, urdu, wahoo, withdrew, zanu.
  2. beu, bleu, blew, blue, boo, brew, chew, chiu, chou, chu, clue, coo, cou, coup, coups, crew, crewe, cue, dew, do, doo, douwe, drew, dru, du, due, ewe, few, flew, flu, flue, foo, fu, glew, glue, gnu, goo, grew, gu, gue, hew, hewe, hoo, hou, hsu, hu, hugh, jew, joo, ju, jue, kew, knew, koo, ku, kyu, leu, lew, lieu, liu, loo, lou, lu, lue, mew, moo, mu, new, nu, ooh, ou, pew, phew, phu, poo, pooh, pou, pru, prue, pu, pugh, q, qu, que, queue, rew, ru, rue, screw, shew, shoe, shoo, shrew, shu, siew, sioux, skew, slew, soo, spew, stew, strew, stu, su, sue, tew, thew, threw, through, thru, thuy, too, trew, true, tu, tue, two, u, uwe, view, vu, vue, whew, who, woo, wu, xu, xue, yew, yoo, you, yu, yue, zhou, zhu, zoo, zue.
  3. byu, depardieu, hitherto, iou, isu, kangaroo, katmandu, misconstrue, overdo, overdue, overthrew, suu, timbuktu.
  4. dfw.
  5. hullabaloo, kalamazoo.

Idioms for hue:

  1. hue and cry
  2. raise a hue and cry
  3. a hue and cry
  4. raise a hue and cry ( about sth)
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