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How To Spell hue?

Correct spelling: hue

Definition of hue:

  1. suffuse with color

List of misspellings for hue:

  • ohie,
  • houde,
  • houor,
  • huuge,
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What does the abbreviation hue mean?


Hue as a boy's name.

Related words for hue

André Hue


André Hunter Alfred Hue was an Anglo-French businessman, soldier and spy best remembered for his work as an operative with the Special Operations Executive in France and Burma during World War II.

CD Sporting Club de Huelva


Soccer club

Sporting Club de Huelva is a Spanish women's football club from Trigueros, Huelva. It was founded in Huelva in 2004 as a restructuring of an homonymous junior football club, which had been founded in 1979 and dissolved nine years later, by its original founder, Antonio Toledo, who has also served as the team's manager and sporting director.

Friends of Hue Foundation



The Friends of Hue Foundation is a 501 charitable, non-profit tax-exempt, non-governmental organization officially created in May 2000 in response to the destruction caused by the 1999 Vietnamese floods.

Treaty of Huế


The Treaty of Huế was signed on April 14, 1863 between representatives of Vietnam and the French Empire. Based on the terms of the accord, three Vietnamese ports were opened.

Yao Lee


Chinese singer

Yao Lee, also credited as Yao Li, Yiu Lei and Miss Hue Lee, is a Chinese singer active from the 1930s to the 1970s. She is the sister of Yao Min, also a famous singer and songwriter.

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This graph shows how "hue" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for hue:

  1. sue, phu, coups, zoo, view, yoo, pugh, hoo, blew, gnu, pooh, two, lew, pew, soo, flu, shoe, you, ooh, shrew, grew, coo, clue, yue, fu, flue, gue, whew, su, moo, crewe, ru, vue, sioux, ewe, zue, shew, kyu, dew, bleu, coup, hewe, shu, true, mu, stew, blue, knew, yew, chew, goo, chu, zhou, tew, strew, drew, glue, vu, new, doo, rue, rew, tue, hsu, hou, trew, skew, ou, boo, xue, glew, too, flew, thru, cue, lou, yu, beu, loo, lieu, zhu, thew, few, u, thuy, koo, mew, due, screw, do, tu, liu, slew, ju, jue, phew, threw, who, queue, brew, dru, through, lue, stu, kew, xu, spew, q, hu, pu, hew, poo, woo, gu, leu, hugh, ku, lu, chiu, jew, pou, crew, cou, chou, douwe, que, joo, du, prue, foo, shoo, siew, wu, uwe, pru, qu, nu;
  2. shampoo, untrue, c2, tattoo, pursue, debut, askew, babu, fitzhugh, ragu, outdo, undue, cebu, urdu, abou, m2, purdue, accrue, unglue, bamboo, liou, imbue, undo, fondue, canoe, ague, anew, mchugh, adieu, cat-2, subdue, construe, peru, outgrew, ensue, into, kwangju, kazoo, tatu, leroux, revue, larue, redo, review, wahoo, miscue, withdrew, eschew, taboo, ado, reto, renew, baku, perdue, zanu;
  3. kangaroo, overdue, isu, overdo, byu, depardieu, overthrew, katmandu, suu, hitherto, misconstrue, timbuktu, iou;
  4. kalamazoo, hullabaloo;
  5. dfw;

Translations for hue:

Arabic word for Hue


Dutch words for Hue

kleur, tint, schakering, kleurschakering, kleurtint, kleurnuance.

French words for Hue

couleur, teinte, coloration, coloris, Hue.

German words for Hue

Ton, Farbton, Farbe, Schattierung, Nuance, Tinte, Farbschattierung, Geschrei.

Greek word for Hue


Hindi word for Hue


Japanese word for Hue


Korean word for Hue


Polish words for Hue

barwa, odcień.

Romanian word for Hue


Russian word for Hue


Spanish words for Hue

tono, color, matiz, tonalidad, tinta.

Swedish word for Hue


Tamil word for Hue


Turkish word for Hue


Ukrainian word for Hue