How To Spell hurray?

Correct spelling: hurray

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This graph shows how "hurray" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for hurray?

  1. Hurray for the girl with the red scarf! – My Home In The Field of Honor by Frances Wilson Huard
  2. An aerial express, hurray – The Boy Aviators in Africa by Captain Wilbur Lawton

What are the quotes for hurray?

  1. Women are women, and hurray for that.

What are the rhymes for hurray?

  1. se, wei, bay, ray, brey, way, cray, shea, gaye, k, tray, mae, nej, pray, blay, shay, flay, wray, clay, dey, quai, stay, kaye, ne, rey, che, pay, hey, ney, haye, jaye, jay, say, j, day, quay, ca, sway, gray, whey, they, kay, bey, fay, drey, vey, re, pei, raye, jae, sze, sta, klay, nay, trey, khe, tay, fey, ley, graye, hay, tae, paye, slay, brae, hwe, sleigh, dae, lei, lait, dray, rae, bray, ae, lay, cay, neigh, weigh, stray, saye, wy, spray, gway, fe, waye, prey, mey, wey, yay, ay, faye, fray, de, play, may, yea, frey, maye, mei, grey, daye;
  2. ga, purvey, dossier, buffet, ballet, hooray, soiree, da, manet, moray, renee, dismay, b-j, beret, halfway, sorbet, fillet, toupee, beauvais, passe, array, mcveigh, essay, mckay, betray, puree, croquet, chalet, prepay, ha, allay, orsay, carre, hervey, defray, nisei, decay, dk, mackay, oj, bombay, cathay, asay, nikkei, abbe, o'shea, valet, cache, cafe, jose, mccrea, repay, souffle, cliche, saute, calais, survey, olay, risque, filet, sergei, away, okay, monet, ole, millay, replay, astray, display, portray, parquet, delray, convey, bouquet, belay, ek, rene, delay, gervais, today, macrae, levey, obey, crochet;
  3. monterrey, underplay, disarray, underway, ira, lyonnais, disobey, cea, faberge, attache, ita, ekk, perrier, bta, piaget, bouvier, intraday, cabaret, chevrolet, overstay, bua, jna, monterey, aaa, uva, overplay, dak, cabernet, fiance;
  4. cabriolet, naivete, asea, hiaa, communique, foia, noaa, ceta;
  5. waga;

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