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How To Spell hydration?

Correct spelling: hydration

Definition of hydration:

  1. The act of becoming, or state of being, a hydrate.

List of misspellings for hydration:

  • dehydratiokn,
  • hydrogin,
  • hydrigen,
  • hydtation,
  • dehadration,
  • hydrayion,
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  • hyeration.

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Chemical compound

5-Aminotetrazole is an organic compound with the formula HN₄CNH₂. It is a white solid that can be obtained both in anhydrous and hydrated forms. The compound has a particularly high nitrogen content of 80%. Partly for this reason, the compound is prone to decomposition to nitrogen gas. It has been widely investigated for gas-generating systems, such as airbags and blowing agents. The molecule is planar. The hydrogen bonding pattern in the hydrate supports the assignment of NH being adjacent to carbon in the ring.

Clement Woodward Meighan



Clement W. Meighan was an archaeologist who made notable contributions to reconstructing the prehistory of southern California, Baja California, and west central Mexico.

Irving Friedman



Irving Friedman was a U.S. Geological Survey scientist and a pioneer in geochemistry. Born in New York City, New York, he obtained a B.S. degree in chemistry from Montana State University, a M.S. degree in chemistry from Washington State University, and a Ph.D. in geochemistry at the University of Chicago.

Roger Arliner Young



Roger Arliner Young was an American scientist of zoology, biology, and marine biology. She was the first African American woman to receive a doctorate degree in zoology.



Archaeological site in Mexico

Sayil is a Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatán, in the southwest of the state, south of Uxmal. It was incorporated together with Uxmal as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

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Quotes for hydration:

  1. I always loose a little weight on the road, so I constantly have to be on top of my nutrition and hydration.

Rhymes for hydration:

  1. constipation, embarkation, misapplication, desalination, corp, premeditation, amortization, prostration, destination, renegotiation, decoration, mediation, observation, miseration, discoloration, colonization, maturation, rehabilitation, extrapolation, visualization, decertification, authorization, respiration, multiplication, dissipation, simplification, advocation, specialization, inauguration, implantation, alteration, intimidation, irrigation, irritation, reevaluation, legalization, desiccation, relocation, jubilation, illumination, infiltration, indignation, vulgarization, deification, instrumentation, prognostication, reunification, evocation, revelation, elevation, domestication, imagination, demonstration, retardation, evaporation, presentation, fabrication, motivation, flotation, violation, pronunciation, vegetation, deprivation, decontamination, dehydration, revocation, migration, implementation, confederation, discontinuation, suffocation, exoneration, ventilation, innovation, demonization, admiration, conciliation, perspiration, excommunication, protestation, misidentification, reclamation, balkanization, menstruation, indexation, stipulation, speculation, adoration, backwardation, politicization, concentration, limitation, saturation, validation, inflammation, equitation, equivocation, dictation, determination, deceleration, transformation, expectation, imputation, aspiration, computation, mobilization, nucleation, sequestration, fixation, aviation, disputation, aggravation, information, denomination, fascination, constellation, nullification, oration, translation, clarification, education, affectation, incantation, condensation, renunciation, imitation, germination, dehumanization, coordination, obfuscation, dilation, machination, celebration, marginalization, electrification, subsidization, dissertation, qualification, classification, culmination, oscillation, confiscation, telecommunication, libration, accumulation, inflation, termination, stalinization, ovation, fluctuation, occupation, depredation, maximization, application, congregation, divination, revaluation, cohabitation, unification, conjugation, sanctification, identification, rededication, annotation, orientation, affrication, gestation, deportation, computerization, miniaturization, situation, declaration, communication, rationalization, explanation, designation, relation, pagination, invalidation, reaffirmation, disinformation, summation, exploration, degradation, inhalation, prefabrication, narration, remuneration, conservation, exacerbation, exhortation, incoordination, demoralization, miscommunication, subordination, dispensation, hospitalization, reconciliation, gratification, sanitation, exhumation, procrastination, documentation, examination, liberation, naturalization, confrontation, magnification, criminalization, equalization, hallucination, excitation, punctuation, contamination, coloration, glorification, deforestation, emigration, meditation, decapitation, inclination, sarmatian, revitalization, distillation, deformation, indoctrination, immunization, strangulation, animation, harmonization, magnetization, sensation, reparation, modulation, indemnification, consecration, normalization, valuation, invocation, restoration, consolidation, relaxation, reservation, specification, proration, justification, bifurcation, articulation, insulation, operation, rumination, liquidation, repudiation, calibration, filtration, solicitation, domination, deliberation, incubation, purification, consternation, reverberation, coagulation, pollination, improvisation, plantation, neutralization, appreciation, emancipation, interpretation, disqualification, conflagration, alienation, ornamentation, proliferation, industrialization, temptation, preparation, malformation, nationalization, nomination, standardization, demobilization, laceration, allocation, obligation, palpitation, assassination, modernization, monopolization, elimination, propagation, inoculation, reincarnation, stimulation, communization, commendation, consideration, indentation, annihilation, organisation, connotation, centralization, legislation, disinflation, reinvigoration, population, consolation, fragmentation, insemination, expiration, importation, registration, inundation, disembarkation, irradiation, agitation, expatriation, mitigation, reputation, calculation, foliation, reconsideration, intonation, personification, perforation, mummification, nitration, misinterpretation, approbation, rejuvenation, experimentation, emulation, miscalculation, segregation, reforestation, exploitation, ovulation, consummation, trepidation, granulation, unionization, cremation, demarcation, coronation, donation, deflation, dilatation, ostentation, simulation, diversification, insinuation, anticipation, precipitation, optimization, usurpation, exasperation, amplification, rehydration, refrigeration, lactation, reorganization, lubrication, reconfirmation, degeneration, dissemination, location, collectivization, molestation, depreciation, estimation, exclamation, creation, adulation, procreation, recuperation, dedication, vilification, sophistication, desegregation, desperation, permutation, litigation, securitization, escalation, correlation, mutilation, deregulation, negotiation, elongation, participation, annexation, demodulation, gentrification, conversation, amelioration, ministration, victimization, nondiscrimination, regeneration, subluxation, negation, federation, frustration, cogitation, visitation, predestination, reaffiliation, privatization, moderation, immigration, sedimentation, elation, duplication, adaptation, graduation, mechanization, corporation, alleviation, evaluation, evacuation, ratification, insubordination, hybridization, intimation, defamation, formulation, incapacitation, avocation, impregnation, facilitation, utilization, segmentation, arbitration, gasification, liberalization, pasteurization, vibration, appropriation, reclassification, vacillation, generalization, probation, gravitation, devaluation, globalization, incorporation, indication, popularization, ligation, tabulation, overpopulation, hyperinflation, privatisation, incarnation, infestation, hydrogenation, rectification, socialization, sterilization, croatian, ossification, radiation, privation, recantation, deviation, fumigation, representation, crustacean, allegation, refutation, pigmentation, redecoration, desalinization, starvation, isolation, transplantation, impersonation, orchestration, dislocation, argumentation, fibrillation, humiliation, automation, provocation, proclamation, remediation, certification, disintegration, ramification, inactivation, intoxication, denunciation, ejaculation, discrimination, reauthorization, recitation, urbanization, misinformation, publication, corroboration, vocation, amputation, vaccination, fluoridation, vacation, appellation, foundation, sedation, augmentation, civilization, vindication, resignation, polarization, nonproliferation, regimentation, depopulation, fermentation, suburbanization, replication, modification, recrimination, edification, quantification, amalgamation, russification, intensification, interrogation, configuration, variation, recalculation, medication, tribulation, initiation, perturbation, ionization, taxation, elaboration, decentralization, mutation, pressurization, regulation, manifestation, collaboration, detonation, formation, substantiation, notification, saponification, self-congratulation, gastrulation, recertification, compensation, characterization, verification, illustration, condemnation, incrustation, miscreation, cooperation, incarceration, reinterpretation, derivation, combination, resuscitation, enumeration, mineralization, levitation, flirtation, delegation, stagnation, preservation, transportation, exhalation, profanation, integration, reconfiguration, incrimination, undervaluation, titillation, generation, instigation, implication, excavation, vaporization, fertilization, westernization, affiliation, adjudication, explication, exaggeration, damnation, salvation, democratization, depravation, conglomeration, triangulation, appalachian, localization, dalmatian, destabilization, misrepresentation, ordination, commercialization, fortification, perpetuation, syndication, figuration, expropriation, separation, congratulation, toleration, stagflation, desolation, investigation, cancellation, confirmation, retaliation, inspiration, dissociation, hibernation, contemplation, reexamination, rotation, disinclination, denationalization, inhabitation, realization, stabilization, disorientation, overvaluation, duration, misappropriation, transillumination, recreation, exfoliation, gradation, renovation, approximation, differentiation, personalization, emanation, recommendation, desecration, hesitation, masturbation, devastation, reallocation, origination, dramatization, complication, concatenation, extermination, oxidation, authentication, categorization, habitation, horatian, continuation, optation, commemoration, codification, notation, repatriation, altercation, agglomeration, manipulation, eradication, navigation, infatuation, pacification, quotation, echolocation, installation, pontification, christianization, capitulation, gyration, reiteration, confabulation, compilation, association, detoxification, preoccupation, affirmation, renomination, disorganization, reflation, convocation, organization, falsification, consultation, cultivation, reformation, glaciation, invitation, assimilation, delineation, exhilaration;
  2. station, nation, ration, haitian;
  3. castration, causation, cessation, alsatian, citation, carnation, cetacean;
  4. abdication, abrogation, accusation, aberration, acclimation, activation;
  5. abomination, accreditation, abbreviation, accommodation, acceleration;
  6. cannibalization, alphabetization, capitalization, acidification;
  7. antidiscrimination, decriminalization, demilitarization, americanization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

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hydrat hóa.