How To Spell Ibrahim?

Correct spelling: Ibrahim

 \i-bra-him, ib-rahim\

Ibrahim as a boy's name is pronounced ee-bra-HEEM. It is of Arabic origin. Variant of Abraham (Hebrew) "father of many".
  • Ibraheem.

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What are the usage examples for Ibrahim?

  1. Colonel Midan Ibrahim was too low in the Arab Union hierarchy to be in on such privy matters. – Border, Breed Nor Birth by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  2. It looks to me that, if Colonel Ibrahim can hold out another week or so, our forces might melt away- all except the couple of hundred or so European and American educated followers. – Border, Breed Nor Birth by Dallas McCord Reynolds

What are the rhymes for Ibrahim?

  1. steam, rahim, seam, maxime, diem, gleam, teem, ream, bream, regime, theme, stream, vadim, beam, beem, team, liem, redeem, upstream, seem, reim, karim, cream, passim, scheme, dream, deam, scream, siem, raheem, kareem, creme, deem, supreme;
  2. extreme, agleam, joaquim, basim, joachim, hakim, esteem;
  3. sephardim;