How To Spell ideal?

Correct spelling: ideal

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What does the abbreviation ideal mean?

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This graph shows how "ideal" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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What are the translations for ideal?

Arabic word for Ideal


Chinese word for Ideal


Dutch words for Ideal

optimaal, ideaal, perfect, volmaakt, ideëel, idealistisch, denkbeeldig.

French words for Ideal

propice, parfait, exemple, idéales.

German words for Ideal

vollkommen, vorbildlich, ideal, optimal, Wertvorstellung, Exemplar, Idealvorstellung, Wunschbild, Idealbild, ideell.

Greek word for Ideal


Hindi word for Ideal


Italian word for Ideal


Japanese words for Ideal

理想的, 理想, あるべき, うってつけ, 打ってつけ, 最良, もってこい, 持ってこい, イデアル, 在るべき, 有らまほしい, りそう, 誂え向き, りそうてき, アイデアル, アイディアル, 典型的, あらまほしい, 有るべき, おあつらえ向き, 持って来い, あつらえむき, 打って付け, 理想的な.

Javanese word for Ideal


Korean word for Ideal


Marathi word for Ideal


Polish word for Ideal


Portuguese words for Ideal

certo, perfeito, ideais, indicada, acertada, perfeita, adequados, propícia.

Russian words for Ideal

идеальный, идеал, лучший.

Spanish words for Ideal

indicado, modelo, privilegiado, excelente, ejemplo, perfecto, idóneo, ejemplar, utópico, soñado, arquetipo.

Tamil word for Ideal


Ukrainian word for Ideal


Vietnamese word for Ideal

lý tưởng.