How To Spell ill?

Correct spelling: ill

What is the definition of ill?

  1. Not well; badly; poorly.

What does the abbreviation ill mean?

  • –  Ilyich-Avia
  • –  L'Institut Laue Langevin

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What are the usage examples for ill?

  1. How long have I been ill – A Day Of Fate by E. P. Roe
  2. " The child's ill said Mrs. Raeburn. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  3. He certainly looked ill and apparently had not long to live. – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  4. Who told you that she was ill – Who? by Elizabeth Kent
  5. She'd have been glad to; but she's too ill you know. – Redemption and Two Other Plays by Leo Tolstoy

What are the rhymes for ill?

  1. quill, il, brill, hille, til, hill, grill, till, jill, thrill, twill, lil, spill, jil, lill, mille, prill, shill, skill, nill, phil, chill, dill, bil, swill, ville, pill, lille, nil, wil, gil, will, zill, frill, fill, grille, we'll, trill, still, mil, zil, rill, stil, mill, fil, sill, thill, sil, drill, gill, shrill, fril, bill, krill, pil;
  2. until, abril, bastille, belleville, distil, refill, brazil, instill, fulfill, demille, goodwill, sunil, uphill, distill, seville;

What are the translations for ill?

Afrikaans word for Ill


Arabic word for Ill


Chinese words for Ill

生病, 不善, gerah, 生病的.

Dutch words for Ill

slecht, ziek, schadelijk, nadelig, beroerd, ongezond, ongunstig, kwaadwillig, kwalijk, vijandig.

French words for Ill

vil, mauvais, atteint, malade, malades, nocif, souffrant, déficiente, indisposé.

German words for Ill

schlimm, schlecht, Krankheit, mangelhaft, krank, Mal, mau, Missgeschick, erkrankt, malad.

Greek word for Ill


Italian word for Ill


Japanese word for Ill


Korean word for Ill


Malay word for Ill


Polish words for Ill

chory, syk.

Portuguese words for Ill

prejudicial, doente, doentes, nocivos, indisposto, enferma, indesejáveis, danosos, adversos.

Romanian word for Ill


Russian words for Ill

дурно, нездоровый.

Spanish words for Ill

hasta, apenas, nocivo, enfermo, indispuesto, malamente, adverso.

Swedish word for Ill