How To Spell impede?

Correct spelling: impede

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What are the usage examples for impede?

  1. The new capacities do nothing but blunder, and maybe issue contradictory orders and impede each other's actions. – The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II) by Charles James Lever

What are the rhymes for impede?

  1. meade, dede, plead, supersede, read, keyed, shaheed, need, fried, stampede, fede, walid, reid, rasheed, skied, bead, mislead, steed, screed, secede, mead, knead, we'd, succeed, tweed, breed, ede, snead, he'd, leed, friede, bleed, teed, heed, creed, proceed, speed, wied, lipide, greed, misread, saeed, seed, recede, reread, she'd, indeed, cede, rashid, weed, feed, hamid, freed, waleed, nead, lead, kneed, sneed, bede, deed, precede, swede, reseed, misdeed, reed, brede;
  2. concede, accede, gilead, elide, degreed, decreed, exceed, agreed;
  3. intercede, guaranteed, aristide, overfeed, disagreed;

What are the translations for impede?

Afrikaans word for Impede


Chinese words for Impede

阻挡, 阻难, 阻遏, 牵绊, 阻扰, 拖后腿, impecuniousness.

Dutch words for Impede

dwarsbomen, belemmeren, hinderen, verhinderen.

French words for Impede

retarder, entraver, perturber, freiner, bloquer, compromettre, ralentir.

German words for Impede

verhindern, hindern, hemmen, behindern, erschweren, vertragen.

Italian word for Impede


Japanese word for Impede


Malay word for Impede


Norwegian word for Impede


Spanish words for Impede

impedir, obstaculizar, dificultar, obstruir, estorbar.

Swedish word for Impede