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How To Spell impose?

Correct spelling: impose

Definition of impose:

  1. compel or impose; "Social relations impose courtesy"

List of misspellings for impose:

  • empass,
  • impass,
  • imrpoves,
  • impvoe,
  • empie,
  • impossed,
  • impoive,
  • ipse,
  • amitiouse,
  • impessed,
  • imulse,
  • emphise,
  • impoper,
  • improce,
  • impoter,
  • impast,
  • empahize,
  • impoves,
  • impas,
  • empahsie,
  • empasize,
  • impacy,
  • imppossed,
  • impaced,
  • impore,
  • imposses,
  • immposter,
  • imposibe,
  • uppose,
  • imapge,
  • imapirs,
  • atmopsher,
  • impode,
  • impusle,
  • imposiung,
  • inpose,
  • implse,
  • impvove,
  • impluse,
  • imposeing,
  • empaise,
  • impot,
  • impuse,
  • implace,
  • impies,
  • impsoe,
  • emptiome,
  • immuse,
  • empoyies,
  • impusive,
  • imporve,
  • imrpvoe,
  • empahise,
  • impower,
  • empose,
  • emposed,
  • amborse,
  • pompose,
  • empassy,
  • impove,
  • empase,
  • emploes,
  • imerse,
  • impacet,
  • imopsing,
  • isuppose,
  • impsed,
  • emhpaise,
  • impossile,
  • impilse,
  • imporves,
  • empore,
  • empisize,
  • immpose,
  • empeors,
  • empysema,
  • impos,
  • reimpoes,
  • empiors,
  • wimpose,
  • emporoe,
  • empaphise,
  • improes,
  • imrpve,
  • empesize,
  • impess,
  • impres,
  • impossi,
  • imposse,
  • eurpose,
  • impsose,
  • immnse,
  • impare,
  • imunise,
  • empoyes,
  • gimpse,
  • emerpors,
  • ampus,
  • empoyee,
  • urpose.

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This graph shows how "impose" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for impose:

  1. The poet must decide not to impose his feelings in order to write without sentimentality.
  2. The activists will not stop in trying to impose their extreme views on the rest of us, and they have now plotted out a state -by -state strategy to increase the number of judicial decisions redefining marriage without the voice of the people being heard.
  3. To conquer the command of the air means victory; to be beaten in the air means defeat and acceptance of whatever terms the enemy may be pleased to impose.
  4. No weapon has ever settled a moral problem. It can impose a solution but it cannot guarantee it to be a just one.
  5. There are plenty of bad editors who try to impose their own vision on a book.

Rhymes for impose:

  1. doze, goes, snows, bows, flows, rose, foes, slows, noes, clothes, hoes, ose, bose, lo's, crows, those, blows, jos, pows, hose, sows, brose, beaus, bowes, crose, o's, lows, rohs, sews, lowes, nose, mose, owes, close, knows, cose, glows, vose, shows, roes, boes, joes, chose, ngos, throes, ohs, toes, prose, gose, woes, froze, throws, rows, grows, boase, pros, tows, pose, moes;
  2. expose, bestows, repose, depose, compose, transpose, plainclothes, suppose, foreclose, stavros, forgoes, arose, dubose, propose, dispose, oppose, enclose, tarots, disclose;
  3. interpose, reimpose, predispose, decompose, juxtapose, presuppose;
  4. overexpose, superimpose;

Translations for impose:

Afrikaans word for Impose


Chinese words for Impose

施加, 委任, 强制实行.

Dutch words for Impose

heffen, forceren, opleggen, opdringen, voorschrijven.

French word for Impose


German words for Impose

erlassen, erheben, ausschreiben, durchsetzen, verhängen, ausschießen, beeindrucken, imponieren, Eindruck machen, auferlegen.

Greek word for Impose


Italian word for Impose


Javanese word for Impose


Korean word for Impose


Malay word for Impose


Norwegian word for Impose


Polish word for Impose


Portuguese word for Impose


Romanian word for Impose


Spanish words for Impose

ordenar, imponer, abusar.

Tamil word for Impose


Turkish word for Impose


Ukrainian word for Impose


Vietnamese word for Impose

áp đặt.