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How To Spell impression?

Correct spelling: impression

Definition of impression:

  1. a concavity in a surface produced by pressing; "he left the impression of his fingers in the soft mud"

List of misspellings for impression:

  • imprissioned,
  • emprison,
  • compreshion,
  • impresssion,
  • compresssion,
  • immpresion,
  • apperision,
  • oprression,
  • immpresstion,
  • iimpression,
  • impressen,
  • impressioin,
  • impreshion,
  • impressin,
  • opression,
  • imppression,
  • imprssion,
  • impresing,
  • comprerssion,
  • impresison,
  • improvision,
  • imforation,
  • impressiona,
  • impreshions,
  • opperession,
  • impresion,
  • ecpression,
  • impressionate,
  • empressions,
  • impressional,
  • impresson,
  • inpression,
  • impreession,
  • impressioned,
  • incomparision,
  • immpressions,
  • impresseion,
  • immerision,
  • imprefition,
  • espression,
  • epresion,
  • inpresion,
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  • impreeion,
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  • inpreshion,
  • oppresion,
  • empression,
  • impressioism,
  • inprestion.

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Translations for impression:

Arabic word for Impression


Dutch words for Impression

afdruk, beeld, voorstelling, effect, gevoel, indruk, impressie, schijn.

German words for Impression

Wirkung, Empfindung, Eindruck, Bild, Druck, Abdruck, Impression, Anmutung, Abformung, Prägung.

Greek word for Impression


Hindi word for Impression


Italian word for Impression


Japanese words for Impression

印象, イメージ, インプレッション, 写り, 感激, イメジ, 刷, あっこん, 心証, ツキ, 感懐, づき, 付き, 圧痕.

Korean word for Impression


Malay word for Impression


Marathi word for Impression


Norwegian word for Impression


Polish words for Impression

wrażenie, impresja.

Romanian word for Impression


Swedish word for Impression


Tamil word for Impression


Turkish word for Impression


Ukrainian word for Impression


Vietnamese word for Impression

ấn tượng.