How To Spell include?

Correct spelling: include

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What does the abbreviation include mean?

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This graph shows how "include" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the translations for include?

Afrikaans word for Include


Arabic word for Include


Bengali word for Include

অন্তর্ভুক্ত করা.

Dutch words for Include

omvatten, betrekken, bevatten, toevoegen, inhouden, behelzen, meerekenen.

French words for Include

inclure, intégrer, comprendre, comporter, joindre, mentionner, conter, compter, contenir, couvrir, embrasser, introduire, renfermer.

German words for Include

erfassen, enthalten, umfassen, beinhalten, einschließen, aufnehmen, einbeziehen, einrechnen, mitliefern, zurechnen, einfügen, integrieren, inkludieren, miteinbeziehen, einplanen, einarbeiten, mitzählen.

Greek word for Include


Italian words for Include

includere, aggiungere, coinvolgere, comprendere.

Japanese words for Include

インクルード, 包含, 盛り込む, 含ませる, 加える, 組み入れる, 含ます, 引っ括める, ふくます, 包める, もりこむ, くるめる, ひっくるめる, がんゆう, 引っくるめる, ふくませる.

Javanese word for Include


Malay word for Include


Marathi word for Include

समाविष्ट करा.

Norwegian word for Include


Polish words for Include

zawierać, ująć, umieścić.

Portuguese word for Include


Romanian word for Include

a include.

Spanish words for Include

contemplar, adjuntar, abarcar, incluir, incorporar, comprender, contener, encerrar, incardinar.

Swedish word for Include


Turkish word for Include


Ukrainian word for Include