How To Spell incorporations?

Correct spelling: incorporations

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What are the usage examples for incorporations?

  1. Let us rise to their level, crush appetite, and prohibit temptation if it rots great cities; intrench labor in sufficient bulwarks against that wealth which, without the tenfold strength of modern incorporations wrecked the Grecian and Roman states; and, with a sterner effort still, summon woman into civil life, as re- enforcement to our laboring ranks, in the effort to make our civilization a success. – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  2. In the Convention a minority as well as a majority report was submitted from the Committee on Incorporations – History of the Constitutions of Iowa by Benjamin F. Shambaugh
  3. The effect of the article on Incorporations will be to make Iowa the plunder ground of all banks in the Union. – History of the Constitutions of Iowa by Benjamin F. Shambaugh

What are the quotes for incorporations?

  1. Life, it seems, is nothing if not a series of initiations, transitions, and incorporations.

What are the rhymes for incorporations?

  1. nations, stations, haitians, patients;
  2. frustrations, foundations, citations, rotations, formations, gyrations, notations, flirtations, relations, vacations, vibrations, mutations, durations, quotations, croatians, carnations, crustaceans, translations, donations, temptations, gradations, migrations, vocations, ovations, sensations, creations, dalmatians, orations, castrations, plantations, privations, locations, impatiens;
  3. explanations, expectations, occupations, publications, formulations, demonstrations, incarnations, valuations, infestations, orchestrations, motivations, variations, machinations, conversations, registrations, affirmations, situations, animations, educations, illustrations, degradations, limitations, altercations, hesitations, exclamations, federations, allocations, ministrations, decorations, visitations, constellations, regulations, duplications, demarcations, amputations, reservations, detonations, lacerations, confirmations, connotations, annotations, obligations, destinations, operations, consecrations, implications, litigations, realizations, compilations, invitations, computations, terminations, reparations, syndications, medications, accusations, generations, celebrations, perturbations, elevations, confrontations, emanations, innovations, dislocations, tabulations, circulations, concentrations, compensations, deprivations, fluctuations, calculations, populations, irritations, resignations, fabrications, adaptations, corporations, restorations, combinations, permutations, declarations, consultations, congregations, transformations, palpitations, relocations, liquidations, recitations, deportations, cancellations, inclinations, intimations, speculations, depredations, nominations, aberrations, appellations, applications, imitations, correlations, tribulations, perforations, excavations, ruminations, oscillations, proclamations, integrations, complications, appalachians, designations, alterations, estimations, consolations, expirations, condemnations, allegations, desecrations, malformations, deviations, vaccinations, indications, stipulations, graduations, revelations, installations, conjugations, observations, presentations, meditations, arbitrations, violations, aspirations, preparations, separations, inspirations, delegations, simulations, protestations, reputations, explorations;
  4. imaginations, associations, accommodations, insinuations, inoculations, representations, recommendations, evaluations, considerations, sterilizations, preoccupations, accumulations, modifications, evacuations, discolorations, pronunciations, consolidations, miscalculations, accreditations, originations, notifications, improvisations, civilizations, classifications, privatizations, interrogations, decapitations, appropriations, affiliations, communications, approximations, orientations, magnifications, immunizations, investigations, exaggerations, commemorations, abbreviations, humiliations, expropriations, dramatizations, eliminations, justifications, denunciations, qualifications, denominations, anticipations, clarifications, collaborations, certifications, ramifications, depreciations, administrations, manipulations, assassinations, interpretations, participations, negotiations, recriminations, inaugurations, examinations, reverberations, manifestations, determinations, configurations, mobilizations, organizations, specifications, solicitations, hallucinations, authorizations, deliberations, congratulations;
  5. characterizations, rationalizations, reconciliations, capitalizations, reorganizations, misrepresentations, hospitalizations, renegotiations, identifications, generalizations;
  6. telecommunications;