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How To Spell indeed?

Correct spelling: indeed

Definition of indeed:

  1. in truth (often tends to intensify); "they said the car would break down and indeed it did"; "it is very cold indeed"; "was indeed grateful"; "indeed, the rain may still come"; "he did so do it!"

List of misspellings for indeed:

  • indtead,
  • inseted,
  • inbedded,
  • indeep,
  • infeted,
  • underged,
  • inadate,
  • inheited,
  • isntead,
  • undewned,
  • indiate,
  • andte,
  • injoed,
  • indcaied,
  • unneded,
  • ordeded,
  • ondered,
  • indetify,
  • addeed,
  • ineed,
  • indeeded,
  • inved,
  • indead,
  • inded,
  • indexd,
  • inertted,
  • indeeed,
  • kinded,
  • andused,
  • addeded,
  • ineeds,
  • undecied,
  • ndded,
  • ifended,
  • inadated,
  • indoesia,
  • andded,
  • indeph,
  • inteasd,
  • indever,
  • andgood,
  • owneed,
  • snded,
  • injerd,
  • anddid,
  • inbidded,
  • woundeed,
  • intsead,
  • ennded,
  • nedid,
  • indego,
  • enedeup,
  • unitewd,
  • earnded,
  • inited,
  • inidate,
  • neded,
  • inacted,
  • indetity,
  • iddued,
  • inteveiw,
  • indodor,
  • mineded,
  • insetead,
  • wondeed,
  • inpede,
  • eneded,
  • incuded,
  • endded,
  • indeatd,
  • andlet,
  • kneeded,
  • insted,
  • uneeded,
  • intemet,
  • intirdy,
  • insdide,
  • indorced,
  • unioted,
  • indergo,
  • inteaded,
  • finded,
  • endend,
  • inlude,
  • intiged,
  • undet,
  • inorted,
  • orderded,
  • indurty,
  • inder,
  • endeverd,
  • insede,
  • indormed,
  • binded,
  • indied,
  • idead,
  • unieted,
  • inden,
  • edgeded,
  • interday.

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Quotes for indeed:

  1. Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.
  2. Every pioneer and musician who could carry a musket went into the ranks. Even the sick and foot -sore, who could not keep up in the march, came up as soon as they could find their regiments, and took their places in line of battle, while it was battle, indeed.
  3. Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on the gods a man should himself lend a hand.
  4. A terrible animal, indeed, is an unbridled woman.
  5. He is a state of matter, a form of life, a sort of animal, and a species of the Order Primates, akin nearly or remotely to all of life and indeed to all that is material.

Rhymes for indeed:

  1. cede, snead, seed, plead, bead, saeed, reid, swede, keyed, precede, freed, speed, recede, reed, leed, breed, read, meade, teed, impede, creed, supersede, steed, brede, rashid, secede, succeed, waleed, he'd, proceed, screed, ede, weed, kneed, stampede, fried, nead, lead, tweed, lipide, skied, reseed, sneed, deed, friede, hamid, rasheed, need, walid, knead, dede, bede, misdeed, bleed, wied, fede, we'd, shaheed, feed, she'd, misread, mead, mislead, reread, greed, heed;
  2. agreed, concede, gilead, degreed, elide, accede, decreed, exceed;
  3. intercede, overfeed, guaranteed, aristide, disagreed;

Translations for indeed:

Afrikaans word for Indeed


Arabic word for Indeed


Dutch words for Indeed

toch, daadwerkelijk, natuurlijk, inderdaad.

German words for Indeed

allerdings, freilich, tatsächlich, in der Tat, zwar, ja, vielmehr, wirklich, wohl, wahrlich, gewiss.

Greek word for Indeed


Italian words for Indeed

infatti, certamente, appunto, effettivamente, veramente.

Japanese words for Indeed

千万, そうとも, うべ, 然うとも, 道理で, むべ, 佐様, ちよろず, 左様, 宜, 然様.

Javanese word for Indeed


Korean word for Indeed


Malay word for Indeed

sungguh benar.

Norwegian word for Indeed


Polish words for Indeed

rzeczywiście, istotnie, zaiste.

Romanian word for Indeed


Russian words for Indeed

действительно, в самом деле, фактически, поистине, несомненно, впрямь, вправду.

Spanish words for Indeed

de hecho, verdaderamente, ciertamente, en verdad, efectivamente, precisamente, desde luego.

Swedish word for Indeed


Ukrainian word for Indeed


Vietnamese word for Indeed

quả thực.