How To Spell index?

Correct spelling: index

What is the definition of index?

  1. the finger next to the thumb

What does the abbreviation index mean?

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What are the translations for index?

Arabic word for Index


Chinese words for Index

索引, 指數, 下标, 指针.

Dutch words for Index

lijst, indexeren, aanduiding, lijst.

French words for Index

indication, indice, classement, indexer, indicateur, catalogue.

German words for Index

Hinweis, Verzeichnis, Tabelle, Inhalt, indizieren, Skala, Kennzahl, Register, Kennziffer, Index, Zeigefinger, Inhaltsverzeichnis, Stichwortverzeichnis, Sachregister, Messziffer, Zeiger, Sachverzeichnis, indexieren, Tableau, Katalog.

Greek word for Index


Hindi word for Index


Japanese words for Index

インデックス, 指数, 指標, 索引, 表題, 添字, さくいん, 見出し, しすう, 指針, 総目録, みだし, そえじ, そうもくろく, ひょうだい.

Korean word for Index


Norwegian word for Index


Polish words for Index

wykaz, indeks, wskaźnik, spis, współczynnik, wykładnik, kartoteka, skorowidz, spis alfabetyczny.

Portuguese words for Index

índice, repertório, índex.

Russian word for Index

предметный указатель.

Spanish words for Index

indicador, indexar, indizar.

Swedish word for Index


Ukrainian word for Index


Vietnamese word for Index

bảng chú giải.