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How To Spell indication?

Correct spelling: indication

Definition of indication:

  1. the act of indicating or pointing out by name

List of misspellings for indication:

  • eudcation,
  • intuiation,
  • puntuaction,
  • edcaution,
  • inadition,
  • additiction,
  • edcation,
  • induiction,
  • indicision,
  • unitartian,
  • additction,
  • vindiction,
  • intitation,
  • vendication,
  • inicsion,
  • innocation,
  • intuation,
  • intiution,
  • initation,
  • idication,
  • indormation,
  • integtation,
  • ediucation,
  • indicatin,
  • andrecreation,
  • unifcation,
  • indocrination,
  • inroduction,
  • initution,
  • indiaction,
  • indiction,
  • notication,
  • inarticulation,
  • inaddition,
  • adicction,
  • inititiation,
  • indcution,
  • andcatch,
  • intigration,
  • indigation,
  • erridication,
  • indigination,
  • negotication,
  • indicatign,
  • nedcation,
  • integartion,
  • eventlocation,
  • indicaton,
  • notiication,
  • indicission,
  • puntaction,
  • integation,
  • indicaion,
  • identiication,
  • indescection,
  • indigetion,
  • intovation,
  • intrigration,
  • indetefication,
  • antipation,
  • indicatiors,
  • indiocation,
  • theirmedication,
  • ecudcation,
  • ajudication,
  • insturcation,
  • antipication,
  • intation,
  • edycation,
  • intitiation,
  • anticaption,
  • intoxciation,
  • intarigation,
  • idenfication,
  • ispiction,
  • indicateing,
  • inditation,
  • inaddtion,
  • indciation,
  • indecations,
  • inducation,
  • identicication,
  • intition,
  • euducation,
  • indiation,
  • initmation,
  • indicading,
  • edecation,
  • indecation,
  • anticiation,
  • ndication,
  • entinction,
  • eduication,
  • intlation,
  • indocturnation,
  • intocication,
  • nduction,
  • intituation,
  • infiction,
  • addtiction.

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Quotes for indication:

  1. If I somehow felt like having a site which strictly validates was an indication of my manhood, maybe I'd do it, but it really means very little to me. We're mavericks over here, what can we say?
  2. Something's that written out is okay, but it's not always a clear indication of what a person means.
  3. From a scientific perspective there is some indication that a nuclear war could deplete the earth's ozone layer or, less likely, could bring on a new Ice Age- but there is no suggestion that either the created order or mankind would be destroyed in the process.
  4. The satirical direction I have chosen is an indication of my disappointment in man, which is the opposite way of saying that I have high expectations for the human race.
  5. Every indication of wisdom, taken from the effect, is equally an indication of power to execute what wisdom planned.

Rhymes for indication:

  1. exhumation, gyration, optation, sedation, orchestration, remediation, incapacitation, distillation, quantification, domination, diversification, differentiation, explication, centralization, authorization, inundation, implantation, aviation, revaluation, russification, oration, adulation, disinformation, suffocation, automation, desolation, degeneration, reconfirmation, regulation, nucleation, exploration, legislation, operation, depreciation, misinterpretation, degradation, emanation, aspiration, inflation, transillumination, appropriation, provocation, animation, democratization, mediation, specification, protestation, exhilaration, immigration, revitalization, certification, characterization, affrication, celebration, resignation, configuration, fertilization, recrimination, obligation, restoration, incantation, reorganization, recantation, vilification, preoccupation, disinclination, importation, dilation, exhortation, frustration, relaxation, fascination, recalculation, advocation, reincarnation, coordination, miscalculation, prostration, integration, amelioration, sensation, agglomeration, habitation, interpretation, admiration, dissemination, imagination, equalization, combination, dehydration, inoculation, dalmatian, desalinization, renovation, privation, libration, confiscation, levitation, usurpation, complication, limitation, reinterpretation, conflagration, isolation, demonization, conglomeration, instrumentation, affiliation, meditation, dispensation, reallocation, negation, incrimination, notation, deformation, inactivation, devastation, location, croatian, gradation, lactation, transportation, expiration, masturbation, dilatation, determination, miscommunication, insinuation, corroboration, backwardation, generalization, confabulation, glorification, filtration, gestation, misapplication, vegetation, moderation, revocation, taxation, disqualification, quotation, demodulation, ossification, overvaluation, multiplication, prognostication, reconfiguration, triangulation, translation, depopulation, speculation, jubilation, ejaculation, occupation, fibrillation, desalination, crustacean, annihilation, reunification, balkanization, lubrication, civilization, repatriation, monopolization, approbation, origination, designation, deregulation, equitation, consolidation, mutation, proclamation, discontinuation, exoneration, industrialization, inhabitation, reaffiliation, dehumanization, conciliation, litigation, gasification, expectation, annotation, starvation, flirtation, modernization, mitigation, recuperation, sedimentation, extermination, dramatization, implementation, motivation, annexation, illumination, agitation, commercialization, illustration, harmonization, domestication, incarnation, narration, augmentation, medication, elevation, oscillation, intensification, decoration, evacuation, compensation, regeneration, convocation, navigation, amplification, proliferation, mechanization, condemnation, temptation, disputation, rumination, condensation, ovation, denunciation, categorization, privatization, reparation, glaciation, enumeration, violation, desiccation, conjugation, magnetization, rationalization, radiation, mutilation, orientation, consternation, personalization, gratification, liquidation, inhalation, malformation, misrepresentation, pigmentation, misidentification, misinformation, assimilation, excitation, stipulation, irritation, interrogation, rededication, confirmation, reclassification, notification, saturation, amputation, vibration, denationalization, mobilization, sarmatian, reconciliation, coronation, derivation, fixation, innovation, irradiation, segregation, criminalization, constellation, electrification, reputation, polarization, evaluation, infestation, naturalization, subluxation, sophistication, separation, organization, classification, vindication, plantation, investigation, echolocation, collectivization, ministration, visitation, implication, reclamation, vulgarization, deceleration, indemnification, cohabitation, profanation, perspiration, pollination, identification, aggravation, explanation, formulation, renegotiation, incoordination, dictation, valuation, gravitation, commendation, validation, depredation, confederation, population, dissipation, altercation, infiltration, maximization, localization, fermentation, examination, elation, nonproliferation, perturbation, vacillation, utilization, rehydration, excavation, association, deforestation, procreation, retaliation, migration, reflation, congregation, stagnation, authentication, modification, emigration, escalation, embarkation, vaccination, argumentation, calculation, nationalization, humiliation, imputation, devaluation, elongation, deliberation, perforation, insubordination, molestation, flotation, equivocation, fortification, commemoration, inauguration, imitation, vocation, foliation, capitulation, conservation, sterilization, dislocation, observation, cooperation, magnification, demonstration, alteration, suburbanization, computation, propagation, exhalation, probation, maturation, confrontation, salvation, incubation, tabulation, extrapolation, preparation, consideration, adjudication, stalinization, damnation, appellation, victimization, intoxication, intimidation, organisation, discrimination, horatian, reservation, elaboration, remuneration, gastrulation, punctuation, education, ornamentation, stimulation, socialization, hallucination, affectation, decapitation, justification, precipitation, expropriation, reconsideration, resuscitation, desecration, disorganization, fluctuation, affirmation, cogitation, recitation, politicization, tribulation, incorporation, amortization, titillation, unionization, proration, accumulation, preservation, regimentation, manipulation, corporation, cancellation, fragmentation, optimization, substantiation, replication, graduation, denomination, contamination, visualization, initiation, verification, stagflation, reverberation, pronunciation, unification, deification, liberation, exclamation, desperation, contemplation, pontification, destination, relocation, transplantation, appreciation, subsidization, arbitration, refrigeration, immunization, granulation, privatisation, indignation, permutation, perpetuation, ordination, personification, allocation, anticipation, oxidation, recreation, christianization, neutralization, urbanization, falsification, repudiation, emulation, hydrogenation, rehabilitation, generation, approximation, exasperation, documentation, constipation, pressurization, excommunication, disintegration, gentrification, hibernation, overpopulation, destabilization, evocation, hybridization, reauthorization, purification, deviation, miscreation, allegation, estimation, insulation, pacification, fumigation, eradication, reiteration, impregnation, clarification, ostentation, respiration, revelation, defamation, registration, qualification, intimation, hyperinflation, representation, cremation, decontamination, reexamination, colonization, nondiscrimination, foundation, rectification, adoration, menstruation, exacerbation, continuation, recommendation, dissertation, collaboration, self-congratulation, undervaluation, hesitation, deportation, nomination, fabrication, modulation, laceration, specialization, detoxification, alienation, facilitation, renunciation, miseration, discoloration, evaporation, obfuscation, exaggeration, decentralization, culmination, reformation, globalization, figuration, solicitation, impersonation, consummation, prefabrication, liberalization, indentation, donation, sanctification, improvisation, consultation, manifestation, insemination, connotation, federation, procrastination, invocation, amalgamation, standardization, rejuvenation, dedication, correlation, deflation, divination, retardation, reinvigoration, demobilization, ventilation, assassination, exfoliation, pasteurization, ovulation, telecommunication, reevaluation, dissociation, infatuation, hospitalization, palpitation, ratification, compilation, nullification, duration, machination, consolation, codification, premeditation, simulation, transformation, trepidation, cultivation, creation, articulation, publication, installation, inspiration, expatriation, decertification, hydration, reforestation, mummification, germination, securitization, deprivation, termination, consecration, subordination, invitation, emancipation, simplification, vacation, legalization, sequestration, realization, bifurcation, pagination, saponification, fluoridation, avocation, coagulation, variation, demoralization, westernization, mineralization, segmentation, popularization, recertification, ionization, redecoration, desegregation, strangulation, depravation, concentration, information, disorientation, participation, misappropriation, demarcation, delegation, appalachian, duplication, exploitation, sanitation, communication, vaporization, refutation, disinflation, summation, delineation, stabilization, inclination, reaffirmation, indexation, marginalization, invalidation, syndication, elimination, normalization, computerization, formation, experimentation, irrigation, communization, coloration, inflammation, situation, incrustation, rotation, alleviation, intonation, edification, miniaturization, predestination, declaration, instigation, conversation, relation, calibration, ligation, ramification, detonation, renomination, presentation, nitration, incarceration, corp, concatenation, adaptation, toleration, congratulation, application, negotiation, disembarkation, indoctrination;
  2. haitian, ration, station, nation;
  3. castration, carnation, citation, causation, cessation, alsatian, cetacean;
  4. acclimation, accusation, abdication, abrogation, activation, aberration;
  5. abbreviation, accommodation, accreditation, abomination, acceleration;
  6. acidification, capitalization, cannibalization, alphabetization;
  7. americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for indication:

Chinese words for Indication

标, 迹, 指示, 显示, 迹象, 点子, 征候, 指征.

Dutch words for Indication

melding, benaming, teken, indicatie, aanduiding, aanwijzing.

French word for Indication


German words for Indication

Hinweis, Anzeige, Anzeichen, Anhaltspunkt, Angabe, Andeutung, Bezeichnung, Zeichen, Indiz, Symptom, Kennzeichnung, Kennzeichen, Indikation.

Italian word for Indication


Japanese words for Indication

表示, 徴候, 兆候, 判示, ひょうめい, しど, 徴, 示度, 兆, 表われ.

Malay words for Indication

Petunjuk, Indikasi.

Marathi word for Indication


Norwegian word for Indication


Polish words for Indication

znak, wskazanie, oznakowanie, oznaczenie, wykazanie.

Portuguese words for Indication

indício, evidência.

Romanian word for Indication


Russian word for Indication


Spanish words for Indication

prueba, marca, indicativo, signo, indicio.

Swedish word for Indication


Tamil word for Indication


Turkish word for Indication


Ukrainian word for Indication